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UP News: In Pratapgarh, UP, due to just one hour...

UP News: In Pratapgarh, UP, due to just one hour of rain, the entire market and roads, including the hospital of the medical college, the police office, were turned into drains. Water entered people’s homes as well. Within an hour of rain in the city, people started crying and the whole system of the municipality was exposed. Water is visible everywhere in Pratapgarh district headquarters.

Flood like condition in 1 hour of rain

In the rain of just one hour, a flood-like situation has become in the district headquarters. Due to the first rain in the city today, the cleanliness of the Municipal Council and the poles of the drains automatically came to the fore. The cleanliness of the drains appeared to be limited only to the paperwork. More than half a dozen wards were submerged due to the first rain. Dirty water entered even inside the houses. The waterlogging on the city’s Cinema Road is such that hundreds of houses and shops were flooded. Not only this, along with the Medical College, SP Office, Court Complex Collectorate, most of the roads were flooded with water till their knees. In the medical college, patients are going inside the hospital by walking in water.

Anger among people about the arrangement of the municipality

In the SP office, the municipal workers were seen carrying out bamboo and shovel while trying to extract water. Rain water filled up inside the OPD of the Medical College Hospital. People got relief from the heat due to rain, but it has become a problem for the people of the city. On the one hand, while the people of the city are angry about the arrangement of the municipality, on the other hand Vinay Singh attacked the municipal administration fiercely for waterlogging in the wards. He alleged that instead of cleaning the drains, the municipality cleans it only on paper, due to which there is a problem of water logging in all the wards of the city. Member Bhola said that if we have the willpower, then if we get the drains constructed with the right dimensions, then this big problem can be got rid of in just one year.

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