Pratapgarh Two Youths Beaten Up By Sangramgarh CHC Staff On Picking Up Condom Packets ANN

Pratapgarh Crime News: Carrying a packet of condoms in Pratapgarh...

Pratapgarh Crime News: Carrying a packet of condoms in Pratapgarh was overshadowed by two youths. It is alleged that five people in the room closed the window, door and beat both of them fiercely. The matter is of Sangramgarh CHC. Suraj Patel and Dhirendra Patel say that Sangramgarh had gone to the CHC and picked up a pack of condoms kept outside the room. BPCM Anil Kumar caught both of them and the dispute which started from the altercation reached till the fight. During this, many CHC employees also reached.

Hospital workers thrashed for lifting condoms

Victims allege that BPCM Anil Kumar dragged him to the room and three or four other employees also entered inside. They thrashed both of them by closing the window doors. A crowd of onlookers gathered to witness the tussle between the victims and the hospital staff. The commotion continued for a long time even after leaving the room. By then the local people had started making videos. The video of the scuffle was caught on camera. The anger of BPCM Anil Kumar is clearly visible in the video. The accused is trying to stop the making of the video of the scuffle and no one is pretending to be able to do anything.

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Report of incident sought from CHC superintendent

The question is that condoms are sent by the government to health centers for free distribution. But after picking up the packet of condom from the hospital, there was a ruckus. CMO GM Shukla said that the information about the incident has been received through social media. Some local journalists have also informed by phone. We have sought a report from the CHC superintendent. Strict action will be taken against the culprits after the report.

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