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Prayagraj Flood News: In the Sangam city of Prayagraj in...

Prayagraj Flood News: In the Sangam city of Prayagraj in UP, both the Ganges and Yamuna rivers have crossed the danger mark and are now causing tremendous destruction. Despite crossing the danger mark, the water level of both the rivers is increasing continuously. It is being feared that the water level of both the rivers will rise further for three days. In Prayagraj, the Ganges and Yamuna are still moving at a speed of 3 to 4 cm per hour. Both the rivers had touched the danger mark around 10 am on Friday. Since then both are continuously flowing above the danger mark. Due to the spate of rivers, flood water has entered in more than 3 dozen localities of the urban area alone. Teams of NDRF are rescuing the people trapped in the floods by going to the streets by boats and taking them to safer places.

Boats plying on roads due to flood
Several residential settlements in the city are under water. Many roads and roads have been submerged in the flood waters. Boats are now plying on the roads on which vehicles used to ply fast till a few days ago. The entire area around the Sangam has been submerged in the flood waters. Flood waters have engulfed all the monasteries, temples and ashrams. Thousands of devotees who come to Prayagraj daily with the desire to take a dip of faith in the Triveni Sangam of Ganga Yamuna and invisible Saraswati, are now having to go back amidst despair after taking a dip in the Ganges flowing on the road.

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NDRF-SDRF installed
There are more than 3 dozen locality ponds including Daraganj-Chhota Baghada-Bada Baghada- Karelabagh- Gaus Nagar, Salori- Govindpur- Shivkuti- Rasulabad- Rajapur- Ganganagar- Ashoknagar- Draupadi Ghat- Niva- JK Colony on the banks of the Ganges. In many places, even an entire floor of the houses has been submerged. Boats are plying in the streets and alleys. Teams of NDRF and SDRF have also been called to rescue the people trapped in the floods. NDRF teams are evacuating people safely by going to the flood-prone areas with promptness and rescuing them. However, being an urban area, the people trapped in the floods are facing a lot of problems, because the way is not visible anywhere and houses have been constructed at many places.

People forced to live in island house
All the people affected by the floods have taken shelter in safe places, while a large number of people are still trapped in their homes. There are thousands of people who are afraid of theft of their household items and are not ready to leave their homes and go anywhere. They have shifted the essential items to the upper floor and are now forced to live in an island house under the open sky. So far around 3000 people have taken shelter in flood relief camps. The condition of rural areas in Prayagraj is even worse. About 50 villages are affected due to the floods. Many villages have been cut off from the outside world. On the basis of the devastation caused by the floods, it can be said that the government arrangements are proving to be inadequate at the moment.

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