Prenatal Yoga For Back Pain

Yoga For Back Pain In Pregnancy: During pregnancy, women have...

Yoga For Back Pain In Pregnancy: During pregnancy, women have to face many problems as time passes by. Especially the problem of back pain is the most common and most common among people. Today we have come up with a solution to this problem. Yes, today we will tell you some such yogasanas, with the help of which pregnant women will get relief in back pain, as well as it will also have a good effect on the child growing in the womb. Although yoga is considered to be the solution to every problem, but there should be a way to do it properly. So let’s know about the safest Asanas for pregnant women.

To do this, stand on a yoga mat. Now spread both the legs. Then place the toes of the left foot on the ground and raise the other hand upwards. Keep your neck twisted towards the upper hand. Stay in this position for a few seconds and keep breathing normally. Now slowly release the breath and come back to the normal posture. Then you repeat this process on the other side as well.

Stand on the yoga mat. Now take one leg backwards and take the other leg forward. Now move both the hands upwards. Knees should be slightly bent while doing this asana. Now join the legs and then do the same from the other side.

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