Presidential Election Draupadi Murmu Or Yashwant Sinha Know Who Has The Upper Hand In NDA UPA

Presidential Election: The Bharatiya Janata Party and the opposition have...

Presidential Election: The Bharatiya Janata Party and the opposition have announced the names of their candidates for the Presidential election. For the Presidential election, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has announced the candidate from the NDA side. The party has played a bet on the tribal women leader of Odisha and Draupadi Murmu, the former governor of Jharkhand. BJP President JP Nadda revealed his name after brainstorming at the party headquarters.

According to information received from sources, Draupadi Murmu can file her nomination on 25. For this, BJP has instructed all its senior leaders and Union Ministers to stay in Delhi on 24th and 25th. At present, Draupadi Murmu has served as the Governor of Jharkhand for six years and a month.

At the same time, regarding the presidential election, the opposition announced the name of Yashwant Sinha as a candidate. Sinha has been the Union Finance Minister twice. For the first time he was the Finance Minister in the government of Chandrashekhar in 1990 and then in the government led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He has also been the foreign minister in the Vajpayee government.

At the same time, it becomes necessary to understand that who has the upper hand?

Talking about the strength of these political alliances that voted in the presidential election, the Congress-led UPA alliance currently has around 23 per cent votes, while the NDA alliance has nearly 49 per cent votes, more than double that of the UPA. In such a situation, BJP has a big lead in the UPA contest, but if the opposition together put up a candidate jointly and all the regional parties of the country give their support, then there may be a problem for the BJP candidate, Because in the event of all the anti-BJP parties being united, they have two percent more votes than the NDA, that is, about 51 percent of the votes. That is why the BJP high command has started in the mission of bridging this gap of two percent votes.

How many votes does NDA-UPA have?

The NDA has 440 MPs in favor while the UPA has around 180 MPs, apart from the Trinamool Congress has 36 MPs. TMC usually supports the opposition candidate. As per the estimates, the NDA has around 5,35,000 votes out of a total of 10,86,431. This includes 3,08,000 votes with the support of its MPs along with its allies. Among the states, BJP has 56,784 votes from Uttar Pradesh, where it has 273 MLAs. Each MLA has maximum 208 votes in Uttar Pradesh. Among the states, the NDA will get its second highest vote share in Bihar where, with 127 MLAs, it will get 21,971 votes as each MLA has 173 votes. It is followed by Maharashtra with 18,375 votes, where it has 105 MLAs and 175 votes each. UPA has more than 1.5 lakh votes of MPs and around this number it will also get votes of MLAs. In some of the past elections also, the opposition candidate has been getting a little over three lakh votes. This time the value of each MP’s vote will be 700. Earlier it was 708.

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