Prithivraj Shooting Experience: Manushi Chillar Was Caught In A Sand Storm During The Shooting Of ‘Prithviraj’, Herself Told This Intimidating Experience

Prithivraj Shooting Experience: Debutant Manushi Chhillar has revealed that she...

Prithivraj Shooting Experience: Debutant Manushi Chhillar has revealed that she got caught in a sand storm in the desert of Rajasthan while shooting for a crucial scene in her Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Prithviraj’. A portion of ‘Prithviraj’ has been shot in Jaisalmer, in the middle of the Thar Desert. One day, during the shoot, the crew had to evacuate immediately due to a sand storm, but Manushi, unfortunately, got stuck in the middle of it.

Manushi says I was on top of a sand dune and the crew had to shoot me from below. He was trying to say something, but I could not hear anything. They were also pointing at me, shaking hands and shouting, but there was no sound and I thought they were talking about the scene. Suddenly a person from the choreography team pushed me down, and I rolled down the sand dune, after which they caught me.

She adds that it was a bit scary, the van was destroyed and there was a black out. I was taken to my vanity van. We resumed shooting after some time.

‘Prithviraj’ is directed by Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi, who is known for directing the television epic ‘Chanakya’ and the critically acclaimed film ‘Pinjar’. ‘Prithviraj’ is scheduled to release on June 3 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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