Priyanka Gandhi React After Detained From Congress Protest Over Inflation Says Govt Wants To Suppress Voice Of People | Priyanka Gandhi attacked the government after being detained, said

Priyanka Gandhi Detained: Congress demonstrated across the country against inflation...

Priyanka Gandhi Detained: Congress demonstrated across the country against inflation and unemployment amid ED action. In the capital Delhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi took the front and led the party leaders. During this, both were taken into custody by the police. Priyanka Gandhi fiercely targeted the central government after being taken into custody. He accused the Modi government of trying to suppress the voice of the people.

Priyanka Gandhi said, only the people of the government say that they do not see inflation. People are worried about inflation. When we go to show inflation, we are stopped. The voice of the people is suppressed. Priyanka said that the PM of the country has sold the property of India to his friends. Priyanka Gandhi further said that, they (the central government) feel that they can suppress whoever is in the opposition. They think that after showing our army, we will make a compromise… Their ministers say that there is no inflation. We want to show inflation by going to the Prime Minister’s residence.

Priyanka hit the road
Priyanka Gandhi along with all her leaders had come out on the road against inflation. She had announced that she would go to gherao the PM’s residence. After this, as soon as Priyanka came out of the party headquarters, the police stopped her there. Priyanka broke the first security cordon by climbing the barricading, but after that the police did not let her go further. Priyanka sat there on the road and started protesting. Shortly after this, the women police officers took him into custody from there and took him away in a police car.

Rahul Gandhi’s attack on the government
Let us tell you that on August 5, the Congress had announced a demonstration across the country regarding inflation, unemployment and other issues. Before the demonstration, a press conference was held by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. In which he fiercely attacked the center. Rahul said that democracy has been completely destroyed. He said that the issues related to the public are not being allowed to be discussed. Today the dictatorship of four people is going on in the country.

After this the performance of Congress started. All Congress MPs including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi came out from Parliament House towards Rashtrapati Bhavan. Everyone was wearing black clothes during this time. However, before Vijay Chowk, everyone was stopped and taken into custody.

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