Punjabi Singer Moose Wala Last Rites To Be Performed Today Eight To Ten People In Custody

Moose Wala Murder: Investigation intensified in Sidhu Musewala murder case,...

Moose Wala Murder: Investigation intensified in Sidhu Musewala murder case, so far around 8-10 people have been detained while another car related to this case has been recovered from Moga in Punjab. The SIT engaged in solving the mystery of Sidhu Musewala’s murder has intensified the investigation. The police of three states are on alert and the police of Punjab, Delhi and Uttarakhand are also coming to the fore about getting many important evidence related to this murder.

8 to 10 people in custody

Not only this, in this massacre, Punjab Police recovered an Alto car from Moga. It is claimed that the attackers fled from this car after committing the murder. The number plate of Haryana is on the car, which has been said to be fake. Apart from this, till now the police have taken 8 to 10 people into custody, while two vehicles involved in the murder have also been claimed to be recovered. Not only this, efforts have been intensified to reach the killers with the help of four CCTV cameras. At the same time, Uttarakhand Police has also arrested 6 suspects in the Moosewala murder case. He is suspected to be a sharp shooter of gangster Lawrence gang.

Post mortem amid tight security

Singer Sidhu Musewala’s post-mortem was conducted in Mansa amid heavy security. Earlier, the family members were assured by the government that the killers would be punished severely. A panel of several doctors carried out the post-mortem, so that there was no shortage in the investigation of how Musewala was murdered. The information that came out after this is astonishing. It was told that during the postmortem, 19 wounds were found on Musewala’s body and one bullet of the attacker was found in Musewala’s body. Not only this, many wounds were also found on Moosewal’s arms and thighs. In the initial investigation, the cause of Musewala’s death was attributed to excessive internal bleeding.

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