Punjab’s ‘smugglers’ village, where drug smuggling case is registered against 400 people, 50 people in jail, this is the real reason

The problem of drugs in Punjab has taken a formidable...

The problem of drugs in Punjab has taken a formidable form. After lakhs of efforts of the government, it is not able to curb it. A village in Moga district is notorious as a smugglers’ village. We are talking about Daulewala Meyar village, located 32 km from Monga district headquarters. This village was once infamous for smuggling illicit liquor, poppy seeds and opium. But nowadays this village has become a hotspot of heroin, smack and synthetic drugs. Police and administration have failed to stop it.

How is Daulewala Meyar village

Daulewala Meyar village of Moga district is situated in 581 hectares. The population of this village with about 535 houses is 3500. According to ‘The Tribune’, the literacy rate of this village is 49.05 percent. In the last three decades, 400 people of this village have been booked for drug and smuggling. 70 women are included in this. Lakhwinder Singh, sub-inspector of Daulewala police station, told the newspaper that in the last two months, 10 cases have been registered under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. In these cases, 15 residents of this village have been made accused. He told that at present 50 people of this village are lodged in jails. Of these, 10 are women. These people have either been convicted or made accused. At the same time, about 30 people are absconding, who have been declared absconders by the courts.  

On the other hand, Sukhwinder Singh, Sarpanch of the village says that there is a change in the lives of the villagers. People are pulling their hands out of the drug business. He says that it can be understood in this way that 10-15 years ago, more than 400 people of his village were jailed on charges of drug-trafficking. But now only 50 people of his village are in jail. He told that during this period 100 people have been acquitted of the charges of drug smuggling. He says that the people of his village want to leave the drug trade, but neither the police nor the state government is serious about such a sensitive subject.

What the Sarpanch claims

The sarpanch claimed, “In most of the cases, the police pick up the local people unnecessarily and register false cases against them. Even people who have been in jail for years are arrested in these fake cases.”

Baba Avtar Singh tells that some families in this village are very poor, they cannot even get bread for two times. The Gurudwara provides them food everyday. They say that the basic problem is poverty, because of which most of the families are involved in this illegal drug trade. 

Disordered education system

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