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What Is the Difference Between QR Code and Bar Code:...

What Is the Difference Between QR Code and Bar Code: A bar code is a one dimensional, straight line group containing information related to any place, goods etc. On the other hand, QR Code i.e. Quick Response Code is a 2D code in which instead of a line, there is a group of small squares and through which information can be taken and information can also be sent.

QR code

We often use Quick Response Codes to make or receive payments. On the other hand, whether to download an app, book an event or visit a website, we get the destination as soon as we scan the QR code. The QR code was first used in 1994 to collect information related to the spare parts of automobiles. We can scan the QR code with our phone, tablet or scanner.

bar code

Through the bar code, information about any goods such as where it was made, what materials were used in it, when it was made, when is its expiry, under which trademark it was made etc. Barcodes are the most efficient way of aggregating large data into a small space. The bar code appears not only on the packet of goods but also on the bills of cinema halls, hospitals, restaurants etc. The bar code was used on chewing gum packets in 1948. Scanner is required to scan bar code. However, we can also scan the bar code by downloading a special app on our phone, tablet or desktop.

In simple language, data is stored in both the codes i.e. QR code and bar code. But where we can only see, access the data in the bar code, while accessing the data in the QR code, we can also share the data. For example, if you scan the bar code on the packet of noodle in the supermarket, you will get information related to its date of production, place, manufacturer, distributor, expiry, but by scanning the bar code, we can get any information on our behalf from any other Can’t reach. On the other hand, by scanning the QR code on the payment counter of the supermarket, where we get the name of the payment taker, bank name etc., on our behalf, we also get our name, bank name, information related to the amount paid. can reach.

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