Rahul Gandhi Detained By Delhi Police At Vijay Chowk Congress Protest | Congress in black clothes protested on the street, Rahul in custody, said

Congress Protest: The nationwide protest against the price rise and...

Congress Protest: The nationwide protest against the price rise and unemployment of the Congress continues. Congress leaders in black clothes marched on the road. Meanwhile, Delhi Police has taken Congress leader Rahul Gandhi into custody. Many Congress MPs including Rahul Gandhi were taking out a march from Parliament House to Rashtrapati Bhavan. The police stopped the Congress leaders near Vijay Chowk. It is being told that permission was not given from the police to march.

Delhi Police has detained many Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi for protesting without permission. Police said that Section 144 is in force in this area.

Rahul Gandhi’s taunt on the government

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has attacked and said that this dictatorial government is afraid of the condition of India, from the backbreaking inflation and historical unemployment, the ruin brought by its policies. Rahul Gandhi said that the condition of the country is bad due to the backbreaking inflation and historical unemployment, the policies of the government. He who is afraid of the truth threatens those who raise their voice.

Congress protest march

The ruckus of Congress leaders and workers against the government started from the party headquarters in Delhi. Meanwhile, it is being told that the Congress has also sought time to meet the President, but the time has not been received yet. Congress MPs wearing black clothes took out a protest march from Parliament. During this party interim president Sonia Gandhi was also present. Apart from Delhi, the Congress’s protest against inflation and unemployment is going on across the country including Bihar, Telangana, Rajasthan. Despite the rain in Delhi, Congress workers were seen protesting on the road.

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