Raigarh Fraud Happened By Taking Out Loans With Women Bank Employees Under Suspicion Ann

Fraud In Raigarh: In Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh, the incident...

Fraud In Raigarh: In Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh, the incident of cheating was carried out by taking out loans in the name of 20 women. In this case, the police arrested a woman accused. The accused woman made the pretext of helping the members of the self-help group to get the loan. After this, the incident of cheating was carried out and escaped. The accused woman cheated Rs 5 lakh by taking out a loan in the name of 20 women of the self-help group. After the complaint of the victim women, the police was searching for the accused woman Palvati Chauhan. At present, the police has arrested him. One accused in this case is still absconding, whose arrest is being raided. This case is of Pusaur police station area.

The bank gave people against the rules

ASP Lakhan Patle told that in 2018, Palvati Chauhan, a woman living in Kasaipali village, got the form filled for taking loans from women of self-help groups. After this the woman took a loan from a private bank. 20 women of the village had filled the form with the hope of getting a loan of 25-25 thousand rupees, but Palvati Chauhan along with her partner Amarnath Karsh carried out the incident of cheating. The ASP further said that the role of bank officials in the matter is also doubtful, because whenever a loan is given to someone, its full details are recorded in the bank. No one can get a loan without the signature of the applicant, but contrary to the rules in the bank, the loan has been given.

The network of thugs has spread in the district

The network of thugs has been spread in Raigad district for a long time. These thugs carry out the incident of cheating by taking the innocent villagers of the village under their guise. In many cheating cases, the police have arrested the accused and sent them to jail. Even before this, women of Aurada village of Pusaur police station area also gave a similar complaint in writing to the SP, which is under investigation.

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