Railway Earned 3464 Crore Rupees By Cancellation Of Senior Citizens Quota In Last 2 Years

Senior Citizens Quota: Indian Railways has met a huge revenue...

Senior Citizens Quota: Indian Railways has met a huge revenue in the last two years by not giving discounts on tickets to senior citizens. Railways has earned additional revenue of more than Rs 3,464 crore. In fact, during the Kovid epidemic, the concession given to senior citizens in tickets was suspended.

Information that came out of RTI
In response to the question asked under the Right to Information Act, information has come out that between March 20, 2020 and March 31, 2022, Railways has earned revenue by not giving concession in travel to 7.31 crore senior citizens. Earlier, senior citizens were given ticket discounts during rail travel but it was closed during the Kovid epidemic, which has been continued till now.

Railways earned total revenue of Rs 3464 crore in 2 years
According to the information, after not giving exemption to 4.46 crore men above 60 years and 2.84 crore women above 58 years and 8,310 transgender people, Railways has earned a total revenue of Rs 3464 crore during the period of 2 years. . This also includes an additional Rs 15,100 crore earned on account of suspension of other concessions. In response to an RTI query filed by Chandrashekhar God of Madhya Pradesh, the Railways has said that among senior citizens, male passengers earned Rs 2,082 crore, female passengers Rs 1,381 crore, and transgender Rs 45.58 lakh.

demand from railways
It is worth noting that till now senior citizens were given 50 percent concession on tickets. Similarly, women were given this concession after the age of 58 and men were given concession in travel after 60 years. At present, it has been suspended by the Railways in the last 2 years. However, there is a demand to withdraw the decision of the Railways. In July 2016, the railways also made it optional for the concession of the elderly.

Railways was incurring losses
It is worth noting that due to 58 different concessions, the railways had to bear an additional burden of more than 2000 crores every year, to reduce which the railways suspended the decision to give concession in tickets to senior citizens. The concession given to senior citizens was 80 per cent of the total exemption, due to which the Railways had to bear huge losses.

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