Railway Recruitment Scam: Sushil Kumar Modi Statement​—Bhola Yadav Witnesses In The Purchase Of More Than 40 Properties Of Lalu Family Ann | Railway Recruitment Scam: Sushil Modi’s statement

Patna: Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and Rajya Sabha...

Patna: Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and Rajya Sabha member Sushil Kumar Modi said many things about the arrest of Bhola Yadav. On Wednesday, a senior BJP leader issued a statement saying that Bhola Yadav has signed as a witness in the purchase and sale of more than 40 properties of the Lalu family. Bhola Yadav, who lives as a shadow with Lalu, has been directly or indirectly involved in every corruption of the Lalu family.

Sushil Kumar Modi said that whether Kanti Singh, Raghunath Jha gifted a house to Tejashwi, Tej Pratap Yadav or most of the land documents of Lalu family, Bhola Yadav has signed as a witness. In the land scam case in lieu of job in Railways, Hridayanand Choudhary, who worked as a clerk in Railway’s Coaching Complex Store, Rajendra Nagar, donated 7.6 decimils of land worth 70 lakhs in Patna city to Hema Yadav, the fifth daughter of Lalu Prasad.

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He further said that after all, from where did the land worth 70 lakhs come to a railway Khalasi in Patna city? Then why did he donate to the Lalu family? Pintu Kumar, the grandson of Vishnu Dev Rai, got a job in Western Railway, Mumbai in 2008. Vishnu Dev Rai gave the land of Patna to Hridayanand Chaudhary and after a few years Hridayanand Chaudhary donated that land to Hema Yadav.

Arrest made in IRCTC scam case

Let us inform that on Wednesday, in the IRCTC scam case, the CBI has arrested Bhola Yadav, a close aide of Lalu Yadav. Apart from this, Hridayanand Choudhary has also been arrested for taking job in lieu of land. Sushil Kumar Modi has issued this statement in this matter.

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