Raipur Airport: State government helicopter has crashed at Raipur airport. Two pilots have died in this accident. Now the discussion is being done after that how this accident happened. To know this, the DGCA team has reached Raipur. A black box has been recovered from the wreckage of the helicopter at the airport. Efforts are on to ascertain the cause of the accident.

Features of AgustaWestland Helicopter

This helicopter was purchased in 2007 from the Italian helicopter company AgustaWestland under the then Raman Singh government. This helicopter was of 109 Power Elite model. Information was taken from the experts about this helicopter specialty. He told that two machine guns could be fitted on both sides of this helicopter. The helicopter had 3 powerful engine engines. All the facilities like auto pilot, weather radar system, navigation were in this helicopter.

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Helicopter could also be used for military and rescue operations

Proper Sharma of Raipur told that at the time of purchase of Agusta helicopter there was a lot of uproar regarding its price. Investigation is very important for the correct information about this accident. The company claims that this helicopter can fly at a speed of 278 kilometers per hour and at an altitude of about 10 thousand feet. It could also be flown during military and rescue operations.

Delhi DGCA team came to know the reason behind the helicopter crash

Significantly, at 9:10 pm on Thursday night, the helicopter crashed at Raipur Airport. Captain AP Srivastava and Captain Gopal Krishna Panda aboard the helicopter have died in the accident. Both the pilots were doing practicals. Meanwhile, this accident has happened. At the same time, the state government and DGCA officials are ascertaining the reason behind the helicopter crash. DGCA team is present at Raipur airport. Apart from this, DGCA officials were also present during the post-mortem of both the pilots at Mekahara Hospital.

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