AgustaWestland Helicopter Crash Case:: The main opposition BJP in Chhattisgarh has demanded a high-level inquiry, questioning the maintenance after the helicopter crash. On Thursday, the state helicopter crashed during landing in Raipur. Two pilots, Captain AP Srivastava and Captain Gopal Krishna Panda, died in the accident. The accident happened during a practice flight at Swami Vivekananda Airport. On the death of the pilots in the helicopter crash, Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Dharamlal Kaushik said today, “Captain Panda was an experienced and trained pilot. Panda was serving in the state for 11 years.

BJP raised questions on helicopter crash

Then how did such an incident happen? It is necessary to thoroughly investigate every technical aspect of the helicopter. Was there any technical fault already in the chopper which led to the accident?” Kaushik said, “A high level investigation should be done to find out whether proper attention was being given to maintenance including servicing or not.” When asked about the safety standards of the helicopter, Kaushik said, “AgustaWestland The helicopter is considered to be a superior helicopter and is also used during election campaigns. It is reliable not only in Chhattisgarh but also in the country.

The BJP leader said, “If the Congress is saying that it was bought during the year 2007 in our government and is questioning its safety standards, then it is ridiculous. The helicopter was in service for 15 years. If it was bad how did it work for so long? It remains to be seen how it was being kept. If your vehicle breaks down due to lack of maintenance, its manufacturer cannot be blamed.” Kaushik also demanded compensation and government jobs for the families of the pilots who died in the accident. Responding to Kaushik’s statement, Chhattisgarh State Congress Committee spokesperson Sushil Anand Shukla said that BJP should not politicize the incident.

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Congress advised not to do politics

Shukla said, “The helicopter accident is sad. Two of our brave pilots have died in this incident. Congress Party offers humble tributes. The Congress party and the government stand with the families of these pilots. Certainly the damage done cannot be undone. The important thing is that the Leader of Opposition should not do politics in this tragic incident. He has raised questions. Now is not the time to raise these questions. But when the question arises, then the biggest question that arises is whether its safety standards were taken care of at the time of purchase of helicopter AgustaWestland.

Even at that time, the Congress party had questioned the safety standards of this helicopter. Many technicians also raised questions. After the purchase, its price and scam were also discussed. The committee of the Vidhan Sabha also did the inquiry. Leader of Opposition Kaushik and former Chief Minister Raman Singh should also answer this.” Senior state officials said that the team of Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau, an organization working under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, has reached Raipur to investigate the helicopter crash.

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