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Chhattisgarh News: The dispute between the Raipur Institute of Medical...

Chhattisgarh News: The dispute between the Raipur Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) manager and MBBS students of Chhattisgarh is not taking its name to stop. MBBS students doing internship have accused RIMS management of not giving internship certificate. Along with this, the 10th and 12th marksheets have also been accused of being confiscated. The matter has been in dispute for a long time. The doctors have now taken the matter to the Human Rights Commission and have accused the RIMS management of human rights violation.

Complaint of students in Human Rights Commission
In fact, a year ago, a batch of 139 students was doing internship at RIMS after the completion of MBBS and their internship was completed in May 2022, but except 6 students, all the students got internship certificates. After this, these students have also applied for the degree in the university. But these 6 students have not got internship certificate yet. For this, the students have complained to the Medical Council against the RIMS management. The council had asked to issue the certificate within 48 hours. But today even after 20 days have passed, the students have to wait for the internship certificate.

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Without certificate, studies will be in vain
Dr. Ayush Swarnakar told in a conversation with ABP News that after studying so many years we have not got the degree yet, without the certificate the studies will go in vain. Because the internship completion certificate has not been received. Along with this, the marksheet of 10th and 12th has also not been given. Even after complaining to this Medical Council, no decision has come out so far, so it has been complained about in Human Rights. Till now the certificate has not been received, because of this he is lying unemployed. Ayush further said that stipend was not available in RIMS. I haven’t got 9 months stipend yet. The High Court had also gone against RIMS in this case. The court had given instructions to RIMS. But the RIMS management did not agree. After this, he went to the Medical Council, there was no talk. That’s why we have now complained to the Human Rights Commission. We will not be able to go home until we get the certificate. The management is discriminating against us for complaining in the High Court.

Dean said the language of these students stings
Dr Gambhir Singh, Dean of RIMS has spoken to ABP News on the allegations of the students. He told that it is the rule of any organization that whatever deficiency was found, it is asked to fulfill it. These children whose presence is not correct. Attempts were made to understand them. He is in charge of the internship, he sees the attendance of the students. Even today, I tell the students, fill the gap, the certificate will be issued today itself. Further, he said about the stipend that there were some problems in it, but due to important documents like account number and Aadhar card, problems arose but later the students got the stipend which was rectified. He told that the student has complained against the dean at many places. Once the complaint letter was to be shown to the dean but it never happened, it is very painful. The language of these children is stinging. They could not learn discipline. He has been called tomorrow and will try to resolve the matter discussed.

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