Rajasthan News: Due to the shortage of coal in Rajasthan, the power crisis has deepened. Power cuts continue for several hours in rural areas including cities. At the same time, the CM of the state Ashok Gehlot said on this matter that, the electricity we buy from the market. You have to place your bid in it. But now the Government of India has fixed the rate of Rs. That’s why we are ready to buy electricity for the public up to the same price. But we are not getting electricity even for 12 rupees.

BJP is spoiling law and order

CM Ashok Gehlot further said that everyone is suffering due to non-availability of electricity even for 12 rupees. There is a shortage of coal here. Therefore, I would like that coal should be imported from abroad as soon as possible or its production should be increased in the country. So that this crisis can end. Gehlot said that there is a power crisis in 16 states of the country. Rajasthan is also a state in it. While talking to the media, Gehlot also said that the people of BJP are destroying the law and order in Rajasthan. Earlier the law and order situation in Rajasthan has been very good. But now the Karauli incident happened, then the temple incident happened in Rajgarh. The BJP board passed the resolution. After that a movement was started against the Congress. These actions are not good.

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Rajasthan is on target, Would remain forever

Gehlot further said that, it is being told to the Union Ministers, leaders that you keep on prolonging this issue. The Karauli issue is still going on across the country. Whereas there was an incident of 1 hour. Gehlot said that I would like to say very seriously to the people of BJP and RSS, are we enemies among themselves? This is a battle of ideologies. Governments keep changing but in the form in which these people are instigating the riots. It smells of conspiracy. Rajasthan has already been made a target and will continue to do so.

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