Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot Says That Modi Wants To Appear More Humble Than Me | ‘Modi wants to appear more humble than me by bowing down’

CM Ashok Gehlot's Satirical Remark On PM Modi: Rajasthan Chief...

CM Ashok Gehlot’s Satirical Remark On PM Modi: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi with strong words. CM Gehlot has done this attack on the PM on his Saturday (October 1) in Abu Road for bowing down on his knees to the public. Taking a jibe at the Prime Minister, CM Gehlot said that Modi wants to appear more humble than him. He further said that instead of doing salutations like this, the PM should give the message of brotherhood and love to the countrymen. CM Gehlot said these things during his visit to Bikaner division of Rural Youth Olympic Games.

my image is humble

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot told reporters in Bikaner that the Prime Minister came to Abu Road late on Friday night and addressed the people present there without a mike. Not only this, the PM bowed down on his knees thrice. He further said, “He (PM) knows that Ashok Gehlot’s image is that of a very humble person in Rajasthan. Simple, simple, this has been my image since childhood. So how will Modi ji combat it. He is more than me. Want to appear humble.”

PM De Mohabbat’s message

CM Gehlot said that Prime Minister Modi should be humble but give the message of brotherhood, love and love to the countrymen and say that I will not tolerate violence at any cost in the country. Gehlot said, “He is not giving this message, he is not following my advice and what does he want to convey by bowing thrice? We know that you are the Prime Minister of the country, your respect is respected. I would have telephoned him to congratulate that Prime Minister you have done very well. But he only did dandavat. Why did you do dandavat? Just to tell that Ashok Gehlot is humble, so am I.

BJP shaken by Bharat Jodo Yatra

Chief Minister Gehlot said, “Bharat Jodo Yatra of Rahul Gandhi has shaken the BJP and its allies and they have no point left to criticize it.” Congress) is still in a position to give a strong opposition in the country. Referring to the yatra reaching Karnataka, Gehlot said, “If two and a half lakh people are gathering in the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, then what shall we call it, the entire BJP and its allies are shaken, they are getting restless. I attacked Rahul Gandhi 4-5 days ago, now he does not have any issue, should he attack and put it on social media. His condition is happening like this.

Damage to Rahul’s image

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot said that the people of BJP had damaged the image of Rahul Gandhi by using social media, but now the truth has come out. He said that all those powers of the country are very happy with Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, who wanted that there should be no dictatorship in the country, there should be no one party rule and the opposition should be strong. Gehlot said, “Congress is still in a position to stand as a strong opposition. This atmosphere has been created which will continue to grow.

Will not go away from Rajasthan

CM Gehlot again said that he should be in any post but cannot be away from Rajasthan. He said, “I should be in any position. I belong to Rajasthan, I belong to Marwar, I belong to Jodhpur. I belong to the Mahamandir, where I was born. How can I get away from it. If I stay somewhere till the last breath of my life. I will continue to serve them. Time and again I say this, it has meaning.” His statement is being seen in the context of the flurry of political change in the state.

Will complete 5 years in the state

Along with this, CM Gehlot appealed to the public not to change the government again and again. He said, “I am appealing again and again to the general public in completely humble words that despite my good deeds, you change our government again and again. I am requesting that you give us one more chance. Big I have come up with big plans, there is no dearth of work.

He further said, “You have seen that the government survived before and is still strong. We will complete 5 years and I have said that the upcoming budget will be presented keeping in mind the students and youth.” He appealed to the youth, students and people of Rajasthan to send their suggestions directly to them so that the government can present the schemes according to their wishes.

BJP’s plans will not succeed

CM Gehlot said that the Congress will never allow the BJP’s plans (to bring down the government) to be fulfilled. Gehlot alleged that BJP tries again and again that his government could not complete 5 years. “Earlier also BJP had tried horse-trading, but our MLAs were united and they did not bow down. You saw the government survived last time and it is still in a strong position.”

Congress president post election message

Referring to the election of Congress President, Gehlot CM said, “Our elections are going on here, this election of Congress party is also a message in itself to the country. No one knows when (in BJP) Rajnath Singh, when Amit Shah, when JP Nadda became the president, but now elections are being held democratically in Congress. These elections have also given a message to the entire countrymen.

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