Rajasthan Congress Leader Rukshmani Kumari Accused BJP MLA Ramlal Sharma Of Cheating ANN

Rajasthan Politics: State President of All India Professional Congress Rukshmani...

Rajasthan Politics: State President of All India Professional Congress Rukshmani Kumari has targeted Chaumu MLA Ramlal Sharma on the pretext of bad roads. To show the ground reality of Chaumu assembly constituency, Rukshmani herself took to the road and made a video and posted it on social media platforms. He leveled the allegations by blaming the regional MLA for the dilapidated roads. In the video, he showed that the main road from Govindgarh to Malikpur is in a dilapidated condition. He questioned the MLA as to what the public anger meeting was doing. Even after electing MLA from Chaumun for the third time, the condition of the main road going from Govindgarh to Malikpur is worse. Broken roads and roads submerged by rain water are seen in the entire Chaumu assembly constituency. He also accused the MLA of duping people.

Rukshmani belongs to the royal family
Rukshmani Kumari is a member of the former royal family and belongs to Chaumu. About three years ago, the Congress had joined. In the last assembly elections, he had also asked for a ticket from the party, expressing his desire to contest from the Chaumu assembly constituency. Fully active in politics, Rukshmani has also been doing social service work for a long time under the Star Foundation. Rukshmani, who is active on social media, often reaches to know the condition of people.

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Helped people during the Corona period
During the crisis of Corona epidemic, Rukshmani Kumari, the daughter-in-law of Chaumu royal family, served the people by becoming an angel. Arrangements were made for beds in the hospital for the needy people. Oxygen and ICU did everything possible to help people suffering from crisis. He believes that in times of crisis, everyone must help each other in every possible way.

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