Rajasthan Police Constable Exam 2022: The Congress government of Rajasthan is trying to break the old traditions. At the time of marriage, women wear toe rings on their toes. The toe comes off only after the death of the husband or himself. But the police took off the beeches of the women who came to take the police constable exam. The tradition of wearing toe rings is hundreds of years old. After seven rounds, a toe is put on the toes of the women.

Hundreds of years old tradition broken at examination centers

Beechiyas are removed only after the death of the husband or the woman herself. Police constable recruitment exam is being organized in Rajasthan. To prevent any kind of disturbances in the examination, a guideline has been issued by the Government of Rajasthan. According to the guideline, the beds are being removed from the feet of women. The police are also cutting the sleeves of girls who come wearing full sleeves clothes with scissors. Many married women had reached the police constable recruitment examination centers.

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Women got emotional while taking off the bed

The women became emotional when the police personnel were forced to take off the bed. Most of the examinees are women from rural areas. In rural areas, it is considered a duty to follow the traditions. According to tradition, the bride is clothed with a beech during the wedding. ASP Anil Meena said that as before, thorough investigation is being done at the examination center even today. Only after conducting a thorough investigation, the candidates are being allowed to enter the examination hall.

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