Rajasthan Weather Update: The outbreak of severe heat continues in Rajasthan including the country. The scorching heat begins with the first rays of the sun. The scorching heat has made the animals restless along with the common people. In the coming 4 days, it will be seen showing heat and sharp attitude. The Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of an increase of about 2 degrees in the day temperature for the next four days. The night temperature has also been predicted to increase by about 2 degrees.

Heatwave issued orange alert

In view of the weather patterns, heat wave warnings have been issued in Bikaner, Sri Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Churu, Jodhpur, Phalodi, Jaisalmer, Barmer, Banswara and Nagaur. Meteorological Department director Radheshyam Sharma said that an orange alert has been issued for heatwave and severe heat in Rajasthan. Scorching heat is going to prevail in the coming 120 hours. During this, there is a warning of mercury going up to 47 degrees in Jodhpur, Bikaner division. The mercury can reach up to 46 degrees in Bharatpur, Jaipur, Kota and Udaipur divisions of East Rajasthan.

During the next 48 hours, the temperature will increase by about 2 degrees. The day temperature has reached 45 to 46 degrees in western Rajasthan and in eastern Rajasthan also the temperature has crossed 44 to 45 degrees. The summer season has started breaking the records of the last several years in the state. Last night was the hottest recorded in Phalodi with a temperature of 34.4 degree Celsius. In about two dozen districts of the state, the heat wave has made life miserable. The hottest day was recorded in Banswara on the previous day with 48.2 degrees. The scorching heat and humidity in the state has started making people miserable.

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The heat will haunt the next 4 days

In the last 24 hours, the average temperature of the day has crossed 44 degrees. A tremendous increase was also recorded in the night temperature. The day temperature has crossed 45 degrees in 17 districts. In almost all the districts, the day’s mercury was recorded beyond 43 degrees. Last night, the night temperature crossed 26 degree Celsius in most of the districts of the state. In about half a dozen districts, the night temperature has crossed 30 degree Celsius. The capital Jaipur also recorded a temperature of 30.8 degree Celsius last night. The coming four days can be even more tormenting in terms of heat.

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