Rajasthan Forest Guard Paper Leak More Than 30 People Got Coaching Director Also Included Ann

Forest Guard Exam: Due to paper leak in Rajasthan, the...

Forest Guard Exam: Due to paper leak in Rajasthan, the Forest Guard recruitment exam held on 12 and 13 November was cancelled. The police is also conducting its own investigation regarding this, in which the mastermind of the paper leak was found in the hands of the police. The police reached his coaching class and also questioned him. It has also come to the fore that in this matter, this paper had reached more than 30 candidates in just half an hour, on whose series the police is also working.

Who is the coaching class operator

The police have divided the case into two levels. One is the chain of low level criminals and the other is its source. Police has arrested about 11 accused in the lower chain. At the same time, the name of a coaching director surfaced as a source. This coaching center runs in Jaipur and the source of the lower series in this paper leak is from here. The same accused who got the message from the coaching operator has told the name to the police. The police is not telling the name of that coaching right now because nothing can be said until the name given by the accused is verified.

This is how peace of more than 30 youths was made

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Deepak of Rajsamand district, who is working in the Electricity Corporation, was caught by the police, who had the answer key of the paper. When the police inquired about him, he took the name of Pawan, a resident of Gangapur City. Pawan did not get the paper from any youth but from the coaching director. When the police probed Deepak’s mobile, Deepak gave the answer key to Jitendra, a resident of his village, and Hemraj Meena of Dausa district. Hemraj had sent this answer to a young man named Sabarmal, Giriraj, Rakesh and these three had sent it to others. So far, a chain of more than 30 such youths has been formed till the police reached. There is every possibility that the paper had gone further than this. The paper came an hour before the exam and the entry was at 9 am. This meant only half an hour to take the paper and read it.

Paper Leak: Police arrested nine people in Forest Guard exam paper leak case, answers sold for Rs 6 lakh

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