Rajasthan Gajendra Singh Shekhawat Paid Tribute To Sadhu Vijaydas In Bharatpur Targeted The Rajasthan Government Ann

Bharatpur News: Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, who...

Bharatpur News: Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, who reached Pasopa on Thursday to pay tribute to Sant Baba Vijay Das in Bharatpur, attacked Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his ministers fiercely. At the same time, Shekhawat paid tribute to Saint Baba Vijaydas, who self-immolated in the movement against illegal mining in the Adibadri and Kanakachal mountains. He said that the state government has betrayed the saints. Despite assurances given by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, for ten months, the government did not take any concrete steps to stop mining in this area. The result was that a saint had to commit self-immolation.

Union Minister Shekhawat said, “Only after the self-immolation of Baba Vijay Das, the eyes of the dumb, deaf and blind government of the state were opened and in just 24 hours the mining area was declared as a forest area. The Rajasthan government cannot be free from this sin.” .The public will be punished for this sin.”

The Union Minister accused the Gehlot government and said that the Sant Samaj was agitating for a long time demanding to stop all types of mining, legal and illegal, but the state government did not pay attention. Later, under pressure from Priyanka Gandhi, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot held a meeting with Sant Samaj on October 1 last year and assured to stop mining activities from this area within ten days, but no action was taken on it for ten months, whereas The Collector of Bharatpur had prepared the necessary report on 12 October 2021 and sent it to the government.

‘Minister of State gave protection to the mining mafia’
Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said, “The day Chief Minister Gehlot was talking with Sant Samaj on the issue of stopping mining, at that time Minister of State Zahida Khan was walking among the officials with letters. The government has betrayed the saints and the local people. Even after giving warnings of self-immolation by the saints, no action was taken to stop illegal mining in Adibradi and Kanakachal.”

‘Gehlot government is dumb and deaf’
Shekhawat said, “The Gehlot government of the state is dumb, deaf and blind. The government does not alert even after a sadhu Baba Nirmal Das climbs the tower. Another sadhu Vijaydas had to commit suicide to wake up the government.

‘Mining did not stop even at the behest of the Chief Minister’
Union Minister Shekhawat said that when the forest area was not declared for 10 months even after the Chief Minister’s in-principle consent, on the contrary, mining work started happening at double the speed. In such a situation, how would the sages believe? Targeting the local minister, Shekhawat said that the local leaders and ministers were ridiculing the agitators and saints here. How do saints and sages believe in such a situation? Shekhawat said that the ministers sitting in the government, the people of the government are guilty of bringing Baba Vijaydas to the point of self-immolation. Everything is conspiratorial and must be investigated.

‘Head of government misleading the public’
Shekhawat said that to hide their sins, the chief ministers and ministers sitting in the government are constantly working to mislead the public, but they cannot get rid of this sin. Baba’s sacrifice and people’s struggle will be punished for their sins. Responding to the question of non-registration of FIR against the three ministers, Shekhawat said that the way of the court is open. We will definitely go to court and work to ensure that Baba’s sacrifice does not go in vain.

Remembered with reverence by paying floral tributes
Union Minister Shekhawat reached Pasopa in Bharatpur today and paid floral tribute to Sant Baba Vijay Das ji and remembered that Sant Baba Vijay Das has sacrificed while fighting against the mining mafia. Union Minister Shekhawat along with BJP State President Satish Poonia participated in Shrimad Bhagwad Shanti Katha Yagya. Put your thoughts there too.

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