Rajasthan Health Update: Dengue stings before monsoon, 422 cases of dengue reported in the state

Rajasthan Health News: Dengue has started stinging in the state...

Rajasthan Health News: Dengue has started stinging in the state even before the monsoon. This seasonal disease of dengue is spreading all over the state. Dengue patients have been found in 28 out of 33 districts. Maximum 163 cases have been found in the state capital Jaipur. The Medical and Health Department has issued an alert after dengue cases came to the fore. Along with this, a campaign related to mosquito-borne diseases including dengue has also been started. If we look at the figures of the past years, people in the age group of 21 to 60 were most vulnerable to dengue. This year also most of the cases are of this age. About 30 percent of people have platelets down.

the highest number of patients in these districts
more than a dozen cases of dengue have been reported in many districts of the state. Maximum 163 cases have been found in the capital Jaipur. 42 cases have been reported in Alwar, 26 in Bharatpur, 26 in Dausa, 25 in Udaipur, 23 in Karauli, 20 in Jodhpur, 19 in Kota, 13 in Tonk, 12 in Bikaner, 12 in Sawai Madhopur and 12 in Jhunjhunu. /p>

There are two types of Dengue
Dengue is of two types common and severe. When infected, its symptoms start appearing in 4 to 5 days. Mild or general symptoms include high fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, vomiting, nausea, eye pain, red rash on the skin, swollen glands. Whereas in severe cases, severe abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, bleeding gums or nose, blood in stool, urine or vomit, bleeding under the skin, difficulty in breathing, feeling tired, irritability or restlessness. /p>

Symptoms of Dengue
Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease. It includes headache, high fever, muscle and joint pain, skin rash. It is caused by the bite of female Aedes mosquito. This virus does not survive for more than 10 days but if neglected, dengue can take the form of hemorrhagic fever. In which heavy bleeding, a sudden drop in blood pressure and eventually the condition can be very serious.

Prevention by staying alert
Health Department believes that public should also make efforts to prevent dengue. The rainy season is about to come, everyone should be alert. Do not allow water to accumulate in the house for a long time. People celebrate drought day once a week. Dengue mosquito is different from normal mosquitoes and it bites in daylight. In such a situation, do not allow mosquitoes to breed in and around the house. Due to stagnation of water in the cooler, there is a risk of developing dengue larvae in it. When the cooler is not in use, empty its water. Empty the pots kept on the roof of the house, other things in which water accumulates. Dengue larvae can be born in it. Do not allow water to accumulate around the houses or in the pits. Dengue larvae spread rapidly. Use mosquito nets and sprays to avoid mosquitoes.

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