Rajasthan If You Want To Do Safari With A Gypsy In Ranthambore You Will Have To Pay 17 Thousand Rupees ANN

Ranthambore National Park: A new tourism season has started in...

Ranthambore National Park: A new tourism season has started in Rajasthan from today. In such a situation, big news has come to the fore for the tourists doing safari in Ranthambore National Park. Now the tourists who have made current online booking will be made safari in Ranthambore Park only from the canter. The Forest Department has now shifted the Gypsy quota of Tatkal online booking to Advance Online Gypsy Booking. In such a situation, tourists will not get the option of gypsy if they book online immediately.

traders protested

After this decision of the Forest Department, businessmen associated with the tourism sector have started opposing it. President of Ranthambore Nature Guide Union, Rafiq Mohammad says that this decision will cause trouble to the tourists coming to Ranthambore suddenly. This will have an impact on the tourism of Ranthambore. Not only this, Ranthambore’s income will also be affected. Due to Corona, the tourism business in Ranthambore has become very weak. He has demanded the intervention of the CM in this matter.

if you want gypsy 10 have to pay a thousand

Sandeep Choudhary, DCF of Ranthambore National Park said that last year Gypsy was booked in every zone in online booking immediately. In such a situation, the booking of 10 Gypsies per shift was available in the current online. But now it has been closed by the department. Under the new system, the option of gypsy for tourists in the current online will now be available only under Tatkal quota. In addition to the prescribed fee, such tourists will also have to pay a fee of Rs 10,000. That is, if the tourists want to take a gypsy after making current online booking, then they will have to deposit more than 17 thousand rupees. Whereas earlier the Gypsy was available for only 7 thousand rupees.

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VIP quota remains in place

However, the quota of VIP tourists has been kept the same as before. In such a situation, booking of five gypsies in this tourism season can also be done for VIP tourists through the current online process. DCF Sandeep Choudhary said that the quota of gypsy has been abolished in the current online booking in the new tourism season. Now in the current booking, safari will be done from canter only.

New look being given to hotels

Abhay Maheshwari, Vice President of Hotel Business Association, said that in view of the new tourism season, special preparations have also been made by the hotel operators. Hotel operators are busy in giving a new look to the hotels to attract domestic and foreign tourists. In such a situation, these days repair work is being done in full swing in hotels on Ranthambore Road. In view of the new tourist season, at present, paint and repair work is being done in most of the small and big hotels located on Ranthambore Road. In such a situation, at present more than five hundred people have got temporary employment in hotels located on Ranthambore Road.

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