Rajasthan Kota Rat Bites Woman Eye In Govt MBS Hospital Health System

Rajasthan Health System: One such news has come out from...

Rajasthan Health System: One such news has come out from Kota in Rajasthan, which exposed the health system of the state government. The eyes of a woman admitted in a hospital here were gnawed by a mouse. After which the woman’s eyelid was cut into two pieces. The incident is of Kota MBS Hospital. As soon as the matter came to light, there was a stir in the hospital.

Rat munching on eyes late at night
After the incident came to light, the Principal of the Medical College, Dr. Vijay Sardana, refrained from speaking anything in this matter. The matter is being told of late night. The woman’s husband Devendra Singh Bhati told that his wife Rupmati Bhati was paralyzed, her body does not work below the neck at all, only the upper part of the neck works, Rupmati is admitted here for the last 45 days. He told that there are rats here, but did not know that they are so dangerous.

Rats were munching on the woman’s eye at around 3 o’clock in the night, when the woman made a movement in the neck, the mouse went away, but it was found that it kept coming again and again and gnawing the eye, due to which her eyelid became two pieces. When I got up and saw that there was blood coming out of the eyes, immediately informed the doctor and the nursing staff, then their senses were also blown away. This information was given to the unit head in the morning. The eye doctor also came and stitches have been put in the patient’s eyelid. At present, the Gehlot government is on the target of the opposition regarding this matter.

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