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Ajmer News: In Rajasthan, during the scorching summer season, the...

Ajmer News: In Rajasthan, during the scorching summer season, the supply gets disrupted due to damage to the pipeline and people have to face problems due to the shortage of drinking water. Now this problem will be solved soon. The Water Resources Department has found a solution to the problem. Now the department will lay a new steel pipe line from Bisalpur dam to Nasirabad, so that the problem of pipe line damage can be got rid of.

About Rs 851 crore is estimated to be spent in this work. For this, Nebcon Company has prepared a detailed project report and its technical approval has also been received. At present, after rising inflation and basic rate, the fund has been revised and sent for recommendation.

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77 km long new line
42 km long line will be laid from Bisalpur Intake to Kekri and 77 km from Kekri to Nasirabad. This line will be of 1500 to 1800 mm of steel. This work will be done in one phase under the scheme named Bisalpur Reorganization. At present two lines are coming from Bisalpur to Nasirabad. One of these is a 27-year-old PHCC line, which is made of cement concrete. The second is the steel line. From these the storage tank of SR-7 is filled. The new line will replace the PHCC line. Tenders for the work will be issued soon.

Line leaked 20 times in three years
According to the data, there have been 20 leakages in the line of PHCC in the last three years. Leaking of this line reduces the inflow of water. Now people will get relief by replacing the line and laying new steel pipeline. This PHCC line was laid in 1995 under the first phase.

The challenge of laying a line on a rocky road
The 6 km long road between Bisalpur Intake to Thadauli is rocky. Already 2 lines of Jaipur and 1 line of Ajmer are passing from here. There is less space for laying the line in this 6 km piece. In such a situation, now the task of laying the line by arranging the line of Jaipur and Ajmer is challenging.

Line will be laid according to the population
According to the DPR, the population of Ajmer district will be 43 lakh in 2051. Accordingly, this work is being carried out. This line has been designed according to the water supply of the district and the city.

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