Rajasthan News 25 Indian Among 35 People Made Hostage In Saudi Arabia One Of Them From Rajasthan In Critical Condition ANN

Hostage in Saudi Arabia: A total of 35 people, including...

Hostage in Saudi Arabia: A total of 35 people, including 25 Indian citizens, have been taken hostage in Yambu city of Saudi Arabia. Among those taken hostage, the condition of Sohanlal, a resident of Rajasthan, is critical. The passport number of Sohanlal Bairwa, a resident of Tonk district, is K5850453. After being taken hostage, Sohanlal’s health deteriorated but did not get treatment for several days. After a lot of worsening of the situation, now Sohanlal has been admitted to the government hospital and left Ram trust. Sohanlal is admitted to the government hospital in Yambu. Proper treatment and medicines are also not available in the hospital.

25 Indian nationals held hostage in Saudi Arabia

Bundi resident Charmesh Sharma has lodged a complaint with President Ram Nath Kovind, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in the Ministry of External Affairs. In the complaint, he has demanded the immediate safe return of all Indian citizens from the Government of India and to save the life of Sohanlal, a sick Indian citizen resident of Rajasthan. Sharma, along with 25 Indian nationals, has also demanded assistance on humanitarian grounds to 10 other citizens of Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka hostage.

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The company did a big conspiracy on the demand to go home

It is alleged that Saudi Arabia’s Aljahrani company did not get visa renewal of all the people. Due to non-renewal of visa, Iqama, a valid document of stay in Saudi Arabia, has expired. The company conspiratorially made 35 people, including 25 Indians, illegal citizens of Saudi Arabia. After being illegal citizens, all were being made bonded labor for the last two years. A few days ago, when he demanded to get the visa renewed and make an Iqama and send it home to the family, the company forcibly took all 35 people hostage. Indian citizens include Shamsher, Rampravesh, Shyamlal, Imran, living in many states including Rajasthan, Bihar, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh. The company has still threatened to tell anything outside. The people held hostage are scared of the company’s threat.

Demand for immediate release from Government of India

Among those taken hostage, Sarfuddin, a laborer from Jaipur, narrated his pain to Vishram Jatav, a laborer from Bharatpur and Abdul Ghaffar, a resident of Nainwa in Bundi district. After getting the information, Vishram Jatav and Ghaffar met Charmesh Sharma of Bundi, who worked to help the distressed Indians abroad. Sharma also tried to talk to Sohanlal, a resident of Rajasthan admitted in the hospital, but is not in a position to speak due to shortness of breath. Oxygen is being offered continuously to Sohanlal. Sohan Lal Bairwa, a resident of Tonk district, needs treatment in a high-level private hospital in the present situation but is under compulsion lying alone in a government hospital in Saudi Arabia.

Charmesh Sharma told that talks have been held with the nursing staff. He told that due to lack of money, adequate treatment and medicines are also not being available. Sohanlal regains consciousness for a while and then falls back unconscious. The company has also forcibly recalled Rajesh, another Indian national, and put them with the hostages for care. In the petition sent to the President, Charmesh Sharma has said that the struggle will continue till the safe return of all Indian citizens and all constitutional rights will be used to save the lives of Indian citizens. He said that the Government of India should take steps in a serious matter without delaying a moment.

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