Rajasthan News: An elderly couple in Banswara, Rajasthan kept the promise of living and dying at the time of marriage till their last breath. Here, 10 minutes after the death of the wife, the husband also left the world. In front of the children from the same house, they got up together in the car of their parents. Not only this, both were cremated in the same pyre. For this, the wife was decorated by wearing a pair of suhagan. For the last time before he died, the elderly husband gave water to his wife. When the sick wife lying on the bed did not take even a sip of water, the old man got suspicious.

After this he saw the wife shaking. The shock of the death of the wife could not be tolerated by the elderly. The elders got up from the spot, took barely 10 steps forward and fell on the ground standing. Then it came to know that both of them had died together. The matter is of Bassi Chandan Singh village of Banswara. Kesar Gayari, 65-year-old wife of 70-year-old Roopa Gayari, who lives in Gayari Mohalla here, had an attack of paralysis about two months ago. Kesar was undergoing treatment from Udaipur. On Friday, Kesar asked her husband Roopa for drinking water. There was a slight delay in reaching the old man with water.

This is the first such incident in the area

Meanwhile, when Rupa returned and started giving water, the saffron did not take a single drop inside, only then Rupa came to know about the death of his wife. He could not bear the shock. After just 10 minutes, he must have moved 10 steps ahead of his wife and then he himself stumbled and fell. Hearing the sound of falling, the family ran and saw that both of them did not live in the world. The village sarpanch Ramlal Dayma said that after receiving the information about the death, the whole village attended the last farewell. Such an incident must have happened for the first time in the area, when the meaning of husband and wife came out together. Brother Lala Gayari tells that Roopa and Kesar Bai were married about 50 years ago. He has five sons and daughters and all are married.

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