Rajasthan News Before Rakshabandhan Demand For Ghevar Sweets Increased In Bharatpur Ann

Jaipur News: Be it the month of Sawan, the festival...

Jaipur News: Be it the month of Sawan, the festival of Teej-Rakshabandhan and there is no talk of Ghevar, how can this be possible. Ghevar is popular as the most delicious sweet of Rajasthan made in the month of Sawan. The festival of Hariyali Teej and Rakshabandhan seems incomplete without Ghevar. It is said that the invention of Ghevar is the gift of Rajasthan itself. Anyway, Rajasthan has no answer in the matter of food. One cannot easily forget the taste of Rajasthan’s spices to sweets.

Ghevar is being sold fiercely in Rajasthan

Come back to Ghevar. These days the sale of Ghevar is happening fiercely in Rajasthan. In every sweet shop, you will find more than one delicious Ghevar kept. As far as the quality is concerned, you will find different types of Ghebar in the market. Overall, the quality of Ghebar depends on its price. You will get the same quality as the price you spend.

Everyone waits for seasonal sweets

In fact, when a sister goes to tie Rakhi to her brother on Rakshabandhan, she only takes Ghebar for him, that is why the demand for Ghebar on Rakshabandhan is high. Because Ghebar is a seasonal sweet, people are eagerly waiting to taste this sweet. The tradition of giving Sinjara to sisters and daughters on the occasion of Teej in Sawan is very old, no matter how many other sweets are kept in it, but if there is no Ghevar then it seems a bit incomplete.

Ghevar is being sold up to 25 thousand rupees per kg

Ghevar is selling 25 thousand rupees per kg at a famous sweet shop. Made of 24-carat gold plate, this Ghevar is as attractive to look at, it is equally delicious to eat. This Ghevar has been named as Golden Ghevar. The shop owner says that people are liking this Ghevar very much. Apart from Golden Ghevar, there are many varieties of Ghevar available in the market, including plain Ghevar, Mawa Ghevar, Kesar Ghevar, Moong Dal Ghevar, Pineapple Ghevar etc.

The more delicious the taste of Ghevar, the more difficult it is to make it.

Artisans who make Ghevar say that the less material is used in making Ghevar, the more difficult it is to make Ghevar. Ghevar uses ghee, maida, sugar and milk. It is prepared in hot ghee in such a way that its shape becomes like a beehive. Once the Ghevar is ready, it is put in sugar syrup and then it is topped with khoya and dry fruits. After this Ghevar is ready to eat.

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