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Kota News: Applied Reptilian Science course in PG Diploma is...

Kota News: Applied Reptilian Science course in PG Diploma is going to start in Kota University from this year, in which students will be taught about all snakes. Permission has been taken from Academic Council and Board of Management for this course, as well as its entire course has been designed. It will be passed by the Course of Curriculum Committee this month, after which students will be able to take admission in this syllabus.

Till now such courses used to be in South India only.
University Registrar Dr. RK Upadhyay has claimed that such a course is being conducted only in one place in South India. This is the first course in Rajasthan, Dr. Surbhi Srivastava, coordinator of the Wildlife Department of Kota University, says that this course is related to reptiles. It has included all species of crocodile, turtle and lizard along with snakes, in which body parts and organs will be explained in the anatomy of reptiles.

This will be included in the syllabus
In this course, snake breathing and food pipe, heart, kidney, stomach, lungs, bones and structure will also be explained. Apart from this, how is the physiology, why snakes do not come out in winter, why do they come out in summer, why do they disappear when it is too hot, what is their behavior with the weather. All these things will be told. Along with this, the cardiac cycle of snakes, blood circulation, immunology, hearing and sensing ecology are also included in the course, diseases occurring in them and their treatment will be told. According to Dr. Surbhi Srivastava, faculty will be appointed for the new course in the university, students who have done MSc in Wildlife or Zoology. Apart from this, they can become PhD or NET Select Candidate Faculty Member. Dr. Surabhi says that the children who have done MSc in Wildlife Science from our place are also willing to enter this course. He has done basic studies about reptiles. Now they want to read and understand more in this specialization course about reptiles. Apart from this, doctors associated with veterinary science will also be called as guest faculty to teach the students. Lectures will be conducted by organizing their seminars or conferences.

Dr Surabhi Srivastava, co-ordinator of the Department of Wildlife Science in Kota University, says that MSc is already being conducted in the Department of Wildlife Science, in which there is a chapter of Applied Reptilian Science. By taking this forward, we have prepared a diploma course. In this one year PG Diploma course, only students from science background will be able to take admission, this student will be able to do this course after doing B.Sc, it will have 2 semesters, each semester will have 3 theory and two practical exams, 20 for the first year course. Students will be admitted.

Students will catch snakes and leave them too
All the reptiles that are there, they will be taught in this course. This includes snakes, turtles, lizards, crocodiles, and others. In this, they will be taught to catch, rescue, release them in the forest. Apart from this, how is the treatment of snake bite. Different species of reptiles, origin and till date structure and history will also be taught. Complete information will be given about small to large body reptiles, including dinosaurs. It will also be taught about how amphibians became reptiles. Children will be trained about all the reptiles found in India and especially in Rajasthan and Hadoti. Wildlife Protection Act has also been included in this course.

Students will also join employment
Surbhi Srivastava says that the Wildlife Department has opened in Kota, these people can also work in Snake Park. Apart from India, there is a very good scope in this field in foreign countries as well. A trend snake catcher or reptile expert is needed in the biological park. Apart from this, employment is also available for them in Wildlife Institute and Department, Mumbai Natural History Society, Medical College and Hospital. Even with a veterinary doctor, there is a need for such rescue in wildlife, who have knowledge about this reptile. Apart from this, there are many projects related to wildlife and forest, in which there is a lot of scope for these students.

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