Rajasthan News Doctors Removed A Bunch Of Hair From The Stomach Of A 10 Year Old Girl In Jodhpur Ann

Jodhpur News: A large bunch of hair has been removed...

Jodhpur News: A large bunch of hair has been removed from the stomach of a 10-year-old girl at the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Jodhpur. Doctor of SN Medical College, Jairam Rawatani told that the relatives of a girl child had brought her to the hospital and they complained that the girl was not feeling hungry and vomiting again and again. After this, the lump in the stomach was examined. When Dr Sunil Dadhich went to the gastrologist, he examined the endoscopy with binoculars and found out that the girl had a disease called Tricho Bezoar.

Dr Sunil tried to remove this hair bunch by endoscopy but it could not come out due to the large bunch and he advised surgery. On this, the relatives of the patient were admitted to the unit of Dr Dinesh Dutt Sharma at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital for surgery. After that, a bunch of hair was removed from the stomach of the girl after the operation.

The child had the habit of eating hair
After taking the history about the disease from the relatives of the patient, it was found that the patient has a habit of eating his own hair by nagging him, the family members tried a lot to get rid of this habit of the patient but could not get rid of this habit of the child. Dr Dinesh Dutt Sharma told that this disease of the patient is called Trichophagia and due to the habit of eating hair, this hair starts collecting in the alimentary canal of the body and the hair that is formed by collecting in the stomach is called Trichobezoar. (Hair Ball).

hair bundle
The ability to digest hair is not in the human alimentary canal. Because of this, they gather in one place and make a bunch of hair. This disease usually occurs in mentally weak, neurotic and abnormally behaving women who are 15 to 30 years of age, but this patient did not have any symptoms like mental weakness or neuroticism, yet due to the habit of eating hair. This disease has happened since.

small intestine was blocked
The clump of this hair had completely blocked the stomach and the early part of the small intestine. Due to this, whatever the patient ate, he was not able to go ahead due to obstruction in the intestines and he was vomiting. Emergency operation was planned after getting all the tests done and this hair bunch was taken out of the body by doing the operation. The length of this hair bunch was about 25 inches and taking the size of the stomach in the stomach part, it was about 12 inches by 5 inches in size.

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