Rajasthan News Modified Silencer With Loud Noise In The Bike Will Have To Be Fined Of 10 Thousand Rupees In Jodhpur Ann

Rajasthan News: In Rajasthan these days youth are spreading noise...

Rajasthan News: In Rajasthan these days youth are spreading noise pollution by modifying the silencer of their motorcycle. Violation of Motor Vehicle Act is being done continuously. At the same time, to control this noise pollution, the traffic police has issued an order. Under this order, a fine will be imposed for making loud noises from the bike. In this connection, the Jodhpur Traffic Police is keeping an eye on the bikers.

air and noise pollution
Under a campaign, bikes of bikers who are increasing air pollution are also being confiscated. Bikers get the silencer modified in their bikes, due to which the silencer makes a loud sound and sparking makes a sound like a firecracker.

8 bikes seized in a day
As part of the campaign in Jodhpur city today, 8 bikes were confiscated at Ricktiya Bhairuji crossroads in a day. Traffic police team has seized many bikes from one point in a single day. During this action, ADCP Chain Singh Mahecha himself reached the spot and congratulated the team.

35 bikes seized so far
ADCP Chain Singh Mahecha told that a campaign is being run against those who spread noise pollution in Jodhpur. The campaign has been going on since last one week. So far 35 bikes have been seized. He said that removing loud noise from the bike by modifying the silencer is a violation of the Vehicle Act. In such a situation, there can be a jail with a penalty of 5 to 10 thousand. He said that action will continue under this campaign.

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