Rajasthan News Teachers Are Taking Virtual Classes Of Children In Government School Of Bundi Ann

Rajasthan News: Innovating in a government school in Bundi, Rajasthan,...

Rajasthan News: Innovating in a government school in Bundi, Rajasthan, teachers are taking virtual classes for children at their own expense. Here the teachers of Khanpura Government Higher Secondary School in the district have installed projectors and other things to increase the online class, where children are given virtual education according to their subject. Children are feeling in online classes, children are excited. Admission has also started increasing due to the innovation in the government school.

Principal Ramnarayan Raigar told that the education department had provided extension high discs for attending video conferences in all the schools. Video conferences happen sometimes. In such a situation, the teachers here, while innovating, brought some things to the school at their own expense and started teaching the children by putting projects in the classrooms. Positive results of virtual study started coming.

Children’s enthusiasm, children start stopping
School teacher Jagdeep Singh is providing laptops, internet and multimedia platforms at his own cost to the students to provide better arrangements in studies. Along with studies, interesting videos related to the objectives of learning outcome of the department are also being shown with video-audio visual effects.

At present, more than 300 children have been admitted in the upper primary class of the school. Teachers told that awareness towards studies has started in the children. Children are studying in classes for a long time, their daily attendance is being seen, interest in studies is also increasing. He told that there is a shortage of staff in the school, many teachers are not in the school. In such a situation, by coming virtual, the shortage of those teachers is being filled.

Virtual study takes place in these classes
Lecturer Asharam Meena told that this innovation has been done to increase the result percentage and enrollment of the school and to overcome the shortage of subject teachers. Here for the students of class 10th and 12th each subject has been started. The teachers of the school first teach in the classes at their level. Children are studying with enthusiasm. Good quality audio with visual effects download through the net and play on big screen.

‘Quick understanding’
The students of the school told that earlier it used to take time to read through books. But now we are able to understand through the video through the virtual medium on the screen. The things which used to be learned in 3 to 4 days, we are learning in one or two days only. This is good experience.

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