Rajasthan News Teachers In Schools Are Busy Preparing For Studies New Academic Year Will Start From 1st July Ann

Rajasthan Education News: School locks have reopened in Rajasthan after...

Rajasthan Education News: School locks have reopened in Rajasthan after the summer vacations. With the opening of schools in Ajmer district, teachers have also reached. At present, all the teachers are busy preparing for the new academic session. Teaching work will start from July 1. Students will also come to school from the same date.

preparing new syllabus
Private schools have opened in Ajmer district along with 1863 government schools. For the academic session 2022-23, preparations are being made for teaching in schools. Teachers are preparing a new syllabus after reaching the school. Now teachers will also survey the children who drop out in different areas. Will meet the parents of the children and motivate them to send them to school.

Schools will open with full capacity
Apart from this, teachers will make arrangements for getting studies done from the new session. Now all the restrictions issued for corona infection are over. In such a situation, all the schools will operate with full capacity as before. Other preparations including prayer meeting, period, subject chart, conduct of classes, arrangement of class wise subject teachers will be completed by June 30.

Teachers will do this important work in schools

1. Door to door survey of eligible students.
2. Preparation of TC of students going to higher classes.
3. Taking oath of drug de-addiction campaign with all the staff.
4. Sharing the importance of plantation with the staff.
5. To make arrangement of clean drinking water in the school.
6. To give directions from the head of the institution on the beginning of the first phase of basic literacy training of teachers of classes 1 to 5 starting from 27th June.
7. To get the whole school cleaned.

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