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Bundi NewsA case of death of two girls due to...

Bundi NewsA case of death of two girls due to drowning in a mine has come to light in Bundi district of Rajasthan. Both the girls had gone to take a bath in the mine, when an innocent child started drowning in the water and to save her another girl also jumped into the water. Shortly after the incident, when the family members reached Khan, they saw clothes and goods near the water. Fearing drowning on this, the people around were informed. On getting the information, the police also reached the spot.

A rescue operation was conducted in the water with the help of Dabi police station and villagers. Where after some time the bodies of both the innocent were taken out of the water one after the other. After the incident, mourning spread in the family. The police have handed over the bodies to the relatives after conducting post-mortem of the bodies of both the innocent and have started the investigation of the matter.

what is the whole matter
Dabi police station officer Dharmaram said that a large amount of mining work is going on in Rajpura area. In such a situation, two girls have died due to drowning in a closed mine. Eight-year-old Suman Bhil and six-year-old Kavita Bhil are involved in the incident. Both had left the house asking to take a bath. Probably while dancing on Khan, an innocent first went into deep water and to save him, another innocent also jumped into the water and both of them drowned. SHO Dharmaram told that the villagers take bath in the closed mine and use it for animals. After the incident, the relatives also refused for the post-mortem, but after persuading the police, the post-mortem was done. After the accident, the administrative officers and public representatives reached the spot and assured the victim’s family to get proper compensation from the state government.

More than one lakh laborers work in Dabi mining area
According to the information, more than one lakh laborers work in the Dabi mining area of ​​Bundi district. There are a large number of sandstone mines, where sandstone is extracted on a large scale and exported to other places. The laborers associated with the mining sector live near the mines and come from other states and earn their livelihood by working as laborers. There are also some places in the area where water gets filled during the rainy season. In such a situation, the workers take bath only with the filled mine water. The depth of many mines is also from 100 to 200 feet.

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