Rajasthan Weather Forecast: Monsoon Warms From Rajasthan, Return Of Heatwave Ann

Rajasthan Weather Forecast: Monsoon is continuously breaking the expectations of...

Rajasthan Weather Forecast: Monsoon is continuously breaking the expectations of the people. There is a possibility of continuous rain from the Meteorological Department, but the monsoon has become agitated. The situation is that instead of monsoon, heat web has come. On Saturday, the average temperature of Rajasthan crossed 42 degrees. Here people were troubled by the scorching sun along with the humidity. Although the Meteorological Department is still predicting the possibility of rain at some places, but due to the grace of monsoon, people will get relief.

Monsoon date on date
Monsoon is getting date on date. The entry of monsoon in Rajasthan is already being told from 18th June, then 22nd, 26th and now 29th June. The entry is being talked about from Vagad ie Banswara-Dungarpur district of Udaipur division. Although the monsoon has stopped in Madhya Pradesh only. However, the Meteorological Department is showing the possibility of light rain in Udaipur and Kota divisions with winds, which will happen soon.

Saturday was the heat wave
Rajasthan has now again faced heat after the pre-monsoon on Saturday. Here all the districts crossed the temperature of 40 degrees. Humidity and scorching sun made the condition of the people miserable. There was also such an occasion that there was silence on the streets in the afternoon. Somebody came out in the sun. Not only this, Saturday night was also hot. The minimum temperature again crossed 25 degrees. Due to this people get sweat from the heat even in the evening. Jaisalmer remained the hottest city in Rajasthan with 44.8 degrees Celsius, with the minimum temperature reaching 29.9 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature was recorded in Jaipur and Banswara at 40.3 degrees Celsius.

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