Rajkot Rajkumar College Campus Indian Army War Trophy Battle Tank T-55 Unveiled

Rajkumar College Campus, Rajkot: A war trophy battle tank T-55...

Rajkumar College Campus, Rajkot: A war trophy battle tank T-55 of the Indian Army was unveiled on Thursday in the premises of Rajkumar College (RKC) in Rajkot. This tank was designed by Soviet Russia and was considered the best in its class at that time. The Tank T-55 played a key role in India’s victory in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 which led to the creation of Bangladesh. India bought T-55 tanks from Russia, Poland and Czechoslovakia in different batches during 1966-67. The T-55s were later phased out and have since been classified as war trophies. RKC has bought the tank from the Central Armored Fighting Vehicle Depot in Pune.

Tank will increase the pride of the school
“We are sure that the display of the war trophy tank T55 in the school premises will continue to inspire more students of our school as well as other youth of our city to join the army,” the school said in a release. With this, RKC has become the first non-military school in Gujarat to have a war trophy tank installed in its premises.

they unveiled
Sujan Chinoy, Director General of the Manohar Parrikar Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses, and former Ambassador of India to Japan and Mexico, unveiled the tank in the presence of Lieutenant General KS Brar, Director General of the Indian Army’s Armored Corps, and army officers. Incidentally, the decommissioned MiG-27 fighter aircraft by the Indian Air Force has been put on public display at Kotecha Chowk in the city. Thus, the T-55 tank became the second war trophy on display in Rajkot.

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