Ram Mandir News: 25 thousand devotees will be able to sit together in Ram temple, 13 doors will be built for the devotees

Ayodhya News: Special care will be taken of the devotees...

Ayodhya News: Special care will be taken of the devotees of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple in Ayodhya. There will be a total of 14 doors in the first floor, in which except for the sanctum sanctorum where Ramlala will sit, 13 doors will be there for the entry and exit of the devotees in the temple. These doors will be of wood, it will be of any metal and how will be the design on it, it has also been discussed that this will be the first floor of the temple which will be opened for darshan to Ram devotees in January 2024.

22 crore check bounce is not known And these are all fabricated things. On the other hand, Trust’s treasurer Govind Dev Giri said that sometimes there are many technical flaws in the Ram devotees who donate, due to which checks bounce, such small things happen in such a big task.

Plinth work almost complete
Planth work is nearing completion. The stones carved for the Ram temple are being attached with copper leaves, by December 2023 the construction work of the first floor of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple will be completed. In the second week of January, Ramlala will be buried in the sanctum sanctorum of the grand and divine temple from the temporary temple. In the first floor there will be 13 doors for the visitors, while the 14th door will be of the sanctum sanctorum, the design and metals of these doors have been selected.


Meeting regarding the construction work of Ram Janmabhoomi temple

This will be discussed again in the next meeting. At the same time, when the construction work of the first floor is completed, arrangements will be made for the convenience of 25000 visitors. The geo-terrestrial development of the campus was also discussed.

God’s life will be established after the sanctum sanctorum
Anil Mishra says that the first floor of the sanctum sanctorum will be built, the sanctum sanctorum will be ready, then God’s life will be established, then how will the floor be on top of it How will the designing of the marble stone, how it will work, how it can be applied at the right time, it has been discussed with its experts. Even if it is installed, 14 of the doors are being installed on our ground floor, along with the door of the sanctum sanctorum, 13 more doors will be installed. There has also been a discussion on how those doors should be and how those doors will be designed. This is how this thing is progressing. Right now, along with the temple, there is a passenger facility in that premises, arrangements for keeping luggage of 25000 passengers, arrangements for seating, waiting, arrangements for eating, drinking, rest, arrangements for the way to and from it, it is now almost completely discussed. Done.

Landscaping will be the center of the main attraction
He said that in the coming few days we will start the construction work after presenting it to the authority and passing its map. Along with this construction work, there has been discussion today to develop such landscaping with the Ramayana era scenes of Lord Maryada Purushottam Ram, which will be the main attractive topic for the visitors to come. Will be presenting its design later. In this way, till the time our temple starts, landscaping should also be done, its planning has been discussed today. This work will also go ahead. There was a lot of discussion about the check bounce of 22 crores given by the devotees, Anil Mishra, the trustee of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, has made it clear that till now an amount of 3200 crores for Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple has come in the bank account. Is. They have no idea about the bounce of checks worth crores.

He also questioned that from where did you get the details of the bounced checks. He also described the information given by the administrator of the trust office as misleading, saying that its details can either be told by the account department or the bank can tell.

32 hundred crores has been dedicated by Ram Bhakts
Anil Mishra says that we had said for the first time that all Ram Bhakts have dedicated the amount of 32 hundred crores and that is our Have arrived in the bank account, which could not be declared, from where did you get the details of this bounced check, it has not come to me yet. Not one bank went to banks across the country, its data was so easily accessible, where did you get it, I do not know.

Office in-charge is not this account department and bank can tell it, it is not in my knowledge from where you got it. There is no such information of any check bouncing. You have been informed that 32 hundred crore Ram devotees of the country have dedicated themselves for the construction of the temple.

Govind Dev Giri said that it is as if the sender sent the money, his sentiment would be wrong, we do not think that his time would have been timed, due to this it would have bounced or the faithful good donors of our country sometimes send the check Forget to sign. Sometimes write his date wrong, sometimes repeat it in writing. If checks bounce due to all these things, then there is no big deal in that.

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