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Jharkhand Posters Politics over Ranchi Violence: Politics has heated up...

Jharkhand Posters Politics over Ranchi Violence: Politics has heated up in Jharkhand regarding the removal of miscreants posters. In fact, in order to nab the perpetrators of violent activities, Governor Ramesh Bais had instructed senior police officers to put up photographs of miscreants, so that common people can cooperate with the police in identifying them. The posters were put up very fast on Monday, but were taken down just as quickly. The BJP alleges that at the behest of the Jharkhand government, the posters of the miscreants were taken down.

At the same time, JMM and Congress have said that they are not in favor of putting up posters of miscreants. However, on the issue of posters of miscreants, it has been done by the state government versus the governor and the BJP. Nawab Chishti, the master mind of Ranchi violence has been arrested. Meanwhile, many photographs of him with the leaders of the Grand Alliance have also come to the fore. Regarding which JMM and Congress are on the back foot.

Politics on poster being taken down

JMM’s Central General Secretary and National Spokesperson Vinod Pandey said on the poster controversy that on behalf of my party, I want to tell the police that do not take any such step, which spreads tension, estrangement, hatred in the society. Action should be taken against those accused of violence, but the police should not do anything so that cases like violence may escalate in the coming times. BJP should not do politics on Ranchi violence. this is a sensitive matter

Vinod Pandey’s taunt on the governor

JMM leader Vinod Pandey took a jibe at the Governor and said whether the Governor has the power to give such orders. Must see this too. Let us inform that on the orders of the Governor, the poster of the miscreants was put up, but it was immediately taken down. Nawab Chishti has been arrested in the case of violence. His photo has surfaced with many Grand Alliance leaders. On this, he said that action would be taken against those who indulge in violence. With what intention was the photo with the Grand Alliance leaders brought to the fore? It is important to first see with what intention the photo was taken.

Congress does not want posters of miscreants?

Jharkhand Congress President Rajesh Thakur said that putting up posters of miscreants, running bulldozers is of no use. Police should take action against those involved in violence. The governor should not fall into the political agenda of the BJP. The Governor does not have the right to direct the issue of posters of miscreants. Can only give advice. The governor should know that Jharkhand has an elected government. There is no President’s rule. On the arrest of Nawab Chishti, he said that action will be taken against those who are guilty.

babulal marandi attack on jharkhand government

Former CM and BJP Legislature Party leader Babulal Marandi has made serious allegations against the Jharkhand government. He said that the Jharkhand government keeps a soft corner towards those accused of violence. The posters of the miscreants were taken down at the behest of the government. The government is under pressure. The police is under pressure from the government. The agencies of the Government of India had already warned that violence could erupt. Even then not enough policemen were deployed and violence broke out. The state government is responsible for this. On the question of photographs with Nawab Chishti and Grand Alliance leaders, he said that many people meet and take photographs with the leaders. It should be investigated.

Nawab Chishti accused of posting provocative posts

A photo of Nawab Chishti with Congress MLA Irfan Ansari, JMM’s Rajya Sabha MP Mahua Maji, Congress leader Bandhu Tirkey has surfaced. Let us inform that Nawab Chisti was also involved in the inflammatory post posted on Facebook behind the Ranchi violence. The inflammatory post was put by Nawab Chishti. The message of mobilizing the crowd was given through Facebook Post. Earlier also it was accused of inciting violence. Was jailed in 2019. In front of the police, he has admitted that he sends provocative messages on social media to create religious hysteria. The Nawab Chishti who has been caught is the admin of the WhatsApp group Gangs of Wasseypur.

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