Rapid Train Journey Sand Sacks Will Be The First Passenger

Rapid Train : The first passengers of the country's first...

Rapid Train : The first passengers of the country’s first rapid train will be sand sacks. You must have been surprised too, knowing this, but it is true. Now also know that why these sacks of sand have got a chance to be the first passengers in the rapid train? Actually this is being done for the safety of the passengers. The National Capital Regional Transport Corporation (NCRTC) has taken this step for the safety of the passengers before boarding this train. Puneet Vats, Chief Public Relations Officer of NCRTC said that this is a standard way to check the load capacity of the train. In the past also, the load capacity of trains has been checked in the same way.

Rapid train speed and passenger safety

The country’s first rapid train will run at a maximum speed of 180 kmph and an average speed of 100 kmph. It is also necessary to ensure that the travel of passengers in such high-speed trains is safe. For this, NCRTC has decided to carry sand bags equal to the weight of the passengers to check the load capacity. Therefore, sacks of sand will come out on the journey before the passengers can sit in the rapid train. Puneet Vats, Chief Public Relations Officer of NCRTC, says that the weight capacity of the train is checked like this, this is the standard method. The same method has been adopted to measure the weight capacity of normal trains.

rapid train in duhai

It is worth noting that the rapid train is set to run smoothly from March 2023, so by the end of the year 2022, its trial run is to start on the 17 km long first phase (Sahibabad to Duhai) of the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor. The Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor, divided into three sections, is 82 km long. This first Regional Rapid Rail is ready and standing in the Duhai Depot of Ghaziabad. It was manufactured at Alstom Company’s plant in Sanwali, Gujarat. They were brought here in six big trailers on June 12 and Alstom’s engineers put these six coaches together and put them on the rail track. Before bringing this first rapid train on the track, it will be checked in the workshop, not only this, it will also be checked during the trial run. The work on the Delhi-Meerut corridor of the country’s first Regional Rapid Transit System is being done expeditiously. It is expected that in 2025 this train can fill the speed between Meerut to Delhi.

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