RCB Playoffs Chances In IPL 2022 How RCB Can Play IPL Playoffs 2022

IPL Playoffs 2022: Now with every match in the IPL,...

IPL Playoffs 2022: Now with every match in the IPL, the battle to reach the playoffs is getting interesting. So far, the only Gujarat Titans have secured their place in the playoffs, while Mumbai and Chennai have been out of the race for the playoffs. That is, now there is a competition among seven teams for the remaining three places of the playoff. Among them the teams of Lucknow and Rajasthan are leading in this race. RCB was also involved in this race but after losing the previous match to Punjab Kings, its path has become a bit difficult. Here’s the equation for RCB reaching the playoffs…

How can RCB reach the playoffs?

  • RCB has currently won 7 matches in this season of IPL. If RCB wins their last match against Gujarat Titans, then they can reach the playoffs with a total of 8 wins. However, with this he will have to pray that Delhi Capitals lose their last match to Mumbai Indians. This is because Delhi has also won 7 matches so far. If Delhi’s team wins the last match, then it can reach the playoffs on the basis of better net run rate.
  • If Delhi wins their last match, RCB’s chances of reaching the playoffs will depend on whether Delhi team wins by a very small margin over Mumbai and RCB wins their last match against Gujarat Titans by a huge margin so that RCB’s nets The run rate could be better than Delhi.
  • If Delhi and RCB win their last match and if RCB’s net run rate is not better than Delhi, then there is also an equation that either Lucknow or Rajasthan team lose their last match by a huge margin. . Even if this happens, RCB can reach the playoffs.
  • Even if RCB loses its last match, it will still have a chance to reach the playoffs. Although it would be very impossible. On losing the last match, he will have to pray that Delhi loses its last match by a huge margin so that Delhi’s net run rate can be less than RCB. Along with this, RCB will also have to pray that Kolkata, Punjab and Sunrisers also lose their last matches.

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