Registration Of New Voter Start In Madhya Pradesh Since 1st August 2022 How To Apply ANN

Jabalpur: In Madhya Pradesh, the names of youth who have...

Jabalpur: In Madhya Pradesh, the names of youth who have completed 18 years of age are being added to the voter list. Any youth who have attained the age of 18 years on or before July 1, 2022, can now add their names in the voter list. There is both an online and offline facility for this. You can do this as per your convenience.

When has the work of creating new voters started?

For this, the Election Commission has given both online and offline options. This work has started from August 1, but due to lack of information, fewer applications are being made. The training of master trainers for this campaign was organized in Bhopal. The youth who have completed the age of 18 years have become eligible to get their name added in the electoral roll. The process of adding the names of such young voters to the voter list has also started.

Such youth can go to the Government of India website htpp://www.nvsp.in and click on New Voter Apply. Here Form 6 will open in front of them, in which all the information will have to be filled. After this their Voter ID card will reach their address. This will be a brand new Voter ID card in which many new features have been included. Apart from this, necessary information can also be taken from the Voter Helpline Portal.

Contact where to add offline name

At the same time, the youth applying offline can contact the BLO at their nearest polling station. Master trainers from all the divisions of the state had gone to Bhopal in the past. There he was trained for this work. The master trainer will give training to the BLO and Deputy District Election Officer at the divisional level on 6th and 7th August.

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