Religious Faith Is Growing One In Three Muslims Consider Themselves More Religious In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia Muslims: A survey has revealed that one in...

Southeast Asia Muslims: A survey has revealed that one in three Muslims in Southeast Asia considers himself more religious than his parents. These people do their travel, food and drink, investment, banking, dress and studies according to their religion. According to the New Muslim Consumer Report released on Wednesday, only 21 percent of 250 million Muslims say they are less religious than their parents. Whereas 45 percent consider themselves as religious as their parents.

According to a report by Wonderman Thompson Intelligence and VMLY&R Malaysia, for 91 percent of Southeast Asian Muslims, health and a strong relationship with the first God of the family are the most important things in life. Based on interviews of 1,000 consumers in Indonesia and Malaysia, the report states that only 34 per cent of Muslims are those who value money, 28 per cent their passion and 12 per cent their fame or fame.

take care of religious beliefs

Growing religious faith and the spread of Western civilization have not affected much on their living habits, clothes, food and drink. Chen May Yi, Asia Pacific director of Wonderman Thompson Intelligence, says Muslims also take into account their religious beliefs when buying things. They are doing this continuously. According to this report, while shopping, Muslims keep in mind whether this thing is halal or not. 91 percent of people believe this and say that they take care of this thing. Being Halal is more important than money, quality and prize.

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It has also been told in this report that more than 60 percent of Muslims also consider investment and banking as important according to Islamic law. Whereas 77 percent of Muslims choose such places for their roam, where halal food can be found. Apart from this, most of the families are male dominated and there are very few working women. According to the report, 42 percent of women have said that they give the most financial help, compared to 70 percent of men describe themselves as more helpful.

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