Reserve Bank Of India Prepares Special School Curriculum For Financial Literacy

Reserve Bank of India: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)...

Reserve Bank of India: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) works to regulate the country’s banks and financial institutions. Recently, the Reserve Bank of India, along with the school board, has decided to include the class of financial planning in the board of school education. The special thing is that except three states of the country, all the states have expressed their desire to include this new financial education class in their curriculum. In a program held on Monday, RBI Executive Director Anil Kumar Sharma while giving information on this matter said that if we give knowledge of financial planning to the children from the time of school, then it will benefit the children a lot in the coming times. Will get

Along with this, the rate of financial literacy in the country will also increase rapidly. Along with this, he told that RBI is in talks with the regulator of all the states for this course. Along with this, except 2 to 3 states of the country, everyone has given their consent for this.

New syllabus will be included in schools
After this, Anil Kumar Sharma further said that RBI is working closely with the education department of the state government. For this, first of all the syllabus of all the states will be checked thoroughly. After this, it will be added later in the curriculum of the children. This syllabus will be specially designed for children from 6th to 10th class. This will increase the rate of financial literacy in the coming new generation. Along with this, this syllabus will be designed according to every section of the society, so that children of every section of the country can get its benefits.

There is a huge lack of financial literacy in the country
Let us tell you that earlier a survey had revealed that there is a huge lack of financial literacy among the children of the country. A survey was conducted by Muvin and Momspresso, two big online financial services companies. Children studying in class 7 to 12 and their parents have been included in this survey. In this survey, it was found that 96 percent of the country’s teenage parents feel that their children do not have the right knowledge about financial things. In such a situation, this new initiative of RBI can prove to be very beneficial for the new generation.

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