RJD Bihar State President Jagdanand Singh Left The Parliamentary Board Meeting On Tuesday Ann

Patna, Leaving the RJD's parliamentary board meeting midway, state president...

Patna, Leaving the RJD’s parliamentary board meeting midway, state president Jagdanand left the office. Some RJD leaders objected to the state president leaving the meeting. At the same time, seeing the matter rising, former Chief Minister Rabri Devi, who was presiding over the Parliamentary Board, objected. State President Jagdanand Singh’s name was not given in the official press release issued by the party after the meeting.

In this regard, a member of the RJD present in the meeting, on the condition of anonymity, told that during the parliamentary board meeting, Jagdanand left the meeting after seeing Lalu Yadav’s elder son Tej Pratap Yadav in the RJD office and left the meeting. On this Rabri Devi said that it did not go well. At the same time, known sources say that in this meeting of RJD, Tej Pratap Yadav along with Rabri Devi, Misa Bharti had reached the party office. State President Jagdanand Singh was also already present inside the office.

As soon as Rabri arrived, the meeting started with the people already present. The meeting lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes, after which the state president Jagdanand Singh left. Then his attitude was different. During this, Jagdanand Singh also said off-camera to the journalists present outside the RJD office that “Why bother, ekra se badka news dem.” However, he did not say anything on camera and left. He had two envelopes in his hand, in which one was in the name of the national president of the party, while one was in the name of the Speaker.

According to the information received from the sources, in the meeting held before leaving the party office, Rabri Devi told Jagdanand Singh many such things which Jagdanand Singh felt displeased. However, it is not certified. At the same time, RJD leaders are saying in this matter that Jagdanand Singh went out after seeing Tej Pratap, while after Tej Pratap’s arrival everyone was sitting together for about 20 minutes. No one knows what has happened inside, but it is clear that all is not well in RJD right now.

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