RJD MLC Sunil Singh On CBI Raid He Gave Statement And Said Only Cash Found In This Raid Ann

Patna: On Wednesday, the CBI team raided the place of...

Patna: On Wednesday, the CBI team raided the place of many RJD leaders in Bihar. The CBI team raided the place of RJD MLC Sunil Singh till late night. After this raid, MLC Sunil Kumar Singh gave a statement to the media late on Wednesday night. He said that it is the strategy of BJP that under any case Tejashwi Yadav should be booked so that he cannot remain in power further. During this, Sunil Singh told the media that what the raids have got from him and whether the CBI team has taken it with him.

Sunil Singh said that the CBI searched the house, searched the six floors of Biscoman, saw the bank account from where Tejashwi Yadav’s wire connects. Now their target is not Lalu Yadav but Tejashwi Yadav. They want how to break the alliance. He said that only Rs 2 lakh 59 thousand 640 has been received. The bungalow is in my wife’s name and has taken a copy of it. He said that he has also taken two hard disks which belong to my son. Everything is full of MBA in it. Keep on sitting and reading.

Is Munni Devi worth the money?,

RJD MLC Sunil Singh said that Bhupesh Srivastava is the IO of the case. The duty was imposed on those who were leading in number ten. They had only one purpose that information has been received that MLC is sold to you, MP is sold to you, Rajya Sabha is sold, where does his money go? On this Sunil Singh said that if there is information about this then why don’t you go and catch him. Giving information to the media, Sunil Singh said that tell us what money is Munni Devi worth giving to us? Is Ashok Pandey worth the money?

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