Rohini Court Verdict On Compensation Will Not Be Given If You Are A Victim Of An Accident While Driving In The Wrong Direction

Wrong Side Road Safety: Many people drive in the wrong...

Wrong Side Road Safety: Many people drive in the wrong direction on the road, due to which accidents happen. Delhi’s Rohini court has given a verdict on the accident while driving in the wrong direction. Now the victim will not get compensation if he is a victim of an accident while driving in the wrong direction on the road.

Rohini Court gave its verdict
The Rohini court gave this decision during the hearing of a case. During the hearing, the Rohini Court said that even though the victim may have suffered serious injuries, someone is driving the vehicle in the wrong direction on the road. Therefore, he is not entitled to compensation. Saying this, the court dismissed the case.

In fact, in one case, two youths on a bike were going on the road while driving in the wrong direction during the night. During this, he had a collision with a vehicle coming from in front. One youth was killed in the accident, while the other youth suffered injuries.

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Two young men were going in the wrong direction
While hearing this case in the past, the Rohini court had said that the incident happened at two o’clock in the night. It is clear that if a vehicle is going straight and in its right direction on such a night, then it will not expect that another vehicle can come in the wrong direction from in front of it. Not only this, the speed of the car which caused the accident with the bike was also within the prescribed limit. Therefore, the car owner cannot be pressured to compensate the families of the victims for this accident. Therefore the compensation claims of the victim’s family are rejected.

It is worth noting that in the case the bike riders were coming from the wrong direction, due to which the bike collided with the car. In this, the young man sitting behind on the bike had died, the relatives of the deceased had filed a compensation claim. In such a situation, the court has given important information through its decision regarding the accidents on the road, because most of the accidents are also due to vehicles coming from the wrong direction.

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