RSS Leader Indresh Kumar On Religious Places Controversy People Wants To Know Real Truth Owaisi Arvind Kejriwal Should Wait | Religious Controversy: RSS leader’s statement regarding the controversy over religious places

For the last few days, different claims are being made...

For the last few days, different claims are being made about all the religious places and the hearing is going on in the court. Now a statement has come out from RSS leader Indresh Kumar regarding this matter. In which he has said that the truth should be allowed to come out, because many places in India are in dispute due to foreign invaders.

Let the truth come first – Indresh Kumar
The RSS leader said that whether it is Owaisi, Akhilesh or Arvind Kejriwal… let the truth come out first. One of the characteristics of the land of Bharat is the ability to call wrong as wrong. The way foreign invaders have come, the stories of their atrocities have not been written today. Indresh Kumar said that everyone should speak the truth and right. I want to appeal to everyone, let the truth come out and let the problem be resolved.

‘There should not be opposition to the anti-conversion law’
Giving the example of the loudspeaker controversy, the RSS leader said that CM Yogi first brought down the loudspeakers of his Gorakhpeeth, after which everyone together took the initiative. So try to solve the problem not to provoke. The anti-conversion law made during the time of Congress is a protective shield for all religions, it is wrong to protest out of excitement. Instead of opposing it, everyone should welcome it. Some politicians have got used to speaking anything at any time, I would like to ask them to improve their language. Targeting Kejriwal and Mamta, he said that today every society is suffering in their states, they should first look at themselves.

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